Products and Services

Provisions and bonded

Products and services

From an anchor to a match, a tea-spoon to a length of steel; all the provisions and bonded stores a ship is likely to need to order. Items of bonded stores, beverage, cigarettes, confectionary, perfumes, electronics, gifts and souvenirs at highly competitive prices are available. Our company covers a wide range of fresh, frozen and dry products.

  • FRESH: Fruits and vegetables / fresh seafood / dairy products / pastry, desserts and sweets.
  • FROZEN: Meat, poultry and seafood/ fruit and vegetables / pastry, ice cream.
  • DRY: Canned products / Wide variety of pulses and grains / rice and sugar / cacao, coffee and tea / range of oils and fats/ sauces, spices and herbs / snacks, nuts and dried fruits.
  • BONDED STORES: Tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, beer & wines offering a wide variety of brands.

Sonora Bunkers

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