All the fuels supplied by Sonora Bunkers are consistent with the ISO 8217:2017 “Specifications of marine fuels” standard, offering to our clients the following grades and specifications.

CharacteristicsUnitLimitDMATest method(s) and references
Kinematic viscosity at 40 °Cmm2/s (cSt)Max6ISO 3104
Density at 15 °Ckg/m3Max890ISO 3675 or ISO 12185
Cetane indexMin40ISO 4264
Sulfurmass %Max1ISO 8754 or ISO 14596, ASTM D4294
Flash point°CMin60ISO 2719
Hydrogen sulfidemg/kgMax2IP 570
Acid numbermg KOH/gMax0.5ASTM D664
Total sediment by hot filtrationmass %MaxISO 10307‑1
Oxidation stabilityg/m3Max25ISO 12205
Fatty acid methyl ester (FAME)volume %MaxASTM D7963
or IP 579
Carbon residue – Micro method on the mass %Max0.3ISO 10370
10 % volume distillation residue
Carbon residue – Micro methodmass %MaxISO 10370
Cloud pointwinter°CMaxreportISO 3015
Cold filter pluggingwinter°CMaxreportIP 309 or
pointsummer°CMaxIP 612
Pour point (upper)winter°CMax-6ISO 3016
AppearanceClear & Bright
Watervolume %MaxISO 3733
Ashmass %Max0.01ISO 6245
Lubricity, corrected wear scarµmMax520ISO 12156-1
diameter (WSD) at 60 °C


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